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Press conferences

The last press conference before the start of the project
was held on April 14, 2004, at 2 p.m.

The last press conference before the start of the Tribute to Antonín Dvořák 2004 Project was held on Wednesday, April 14, 2004, at the Sladkovský Hall of the Municipal Building. The press conference was opened by Humoreska Ges major and A minor by Antonín Dvořák, performed by Radoslav Kvapil. Presenter Jiří Vejvoda thanked the project sponsors and patrons for their financial support and patronage, and the co-organizers for their support (see the press release titled Tribute to Antonín Dvořák 2004 of April 14, 2004). Then he gave the floor to Prague councilman Igor Němec and the delegate of the Minister of Culture, Zdeněk Novák (shown on the photo on the right). In his speech, violinist Josef Suk highlighted the greatness of Dvořák’s legacy. Jiří Hubač, Director of BVA International and chief organizer and author of the project, informed the press conference about the ceremonial meeting to be held on April 30 2004 at Vyšehrad, including the ceremony at Dvořák’s grave and the memorial mass, and on the exhibition of the New World Symphony manuscript to be opened on May 2, 2004, at the Hall of the Rudolfinum. Then he went on to announce that a concert would be broadcast by Czech Radio and TV Channel 2 and that the BVA-produced documentary entitled "Antonín Dvořák - Deo Gratias" would be shown by Channel 2 on May 2 after the Dvořák, a World Composer concert. The people at the press conference had the chance to see a 5-minute trailer of the documentary. Václav Riedelbauch, General Manager of the Czech Philharmonic, highlighted the historical connection between the establishment of the Czech Philharmonic and the person of Antonín Dvořák. The ČEZ Company is a partner for the Dvořák, a World Composer concert. Czech Radio, the Lidové Noviny daily and the Xantypa Magazine are the media partners for the project. The assistant program manager of Czech Radio, Josef Havel, reported on the concert to be broadcast by the Vltava Station and some foreign radio stations on May 2. František Laudát, Director of the Municipal Building and chief organizer of the exhibition The Spiritual Works of Antonín Dvořák, reported on the exhibition and on Dvořák’s manuscripts (see the press release for the exhibition The Spiritual Works of Antonín Dvořák). Finally, Jiří Vejvoda gave the floor to Cardinal Miloslav Vlk, the Archbishop of Prague and Czech Primate, who stressed the spiritual legacy of Dvořák. The conference closed with Dvořák’s Biblical Songs Nos. 4 and 5, performed by Radoslav Kvapil (piano) and Roman Janál (vocals).

Press release for the Tribute to Antonín Dvořák 2004 Project
Press release for The Spiritual Works of Antonín Dvořák Exhibition
The film Antonín Dvořák - Deo Gratias
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Presentation and press conference
5th November 2002

On Tuesday 5th November 2002 a presentation and press conference about the project Tribute to Antonín Dvořák 2004 took place in the Suk Hall of Rudolfinum, Prague. The director of BVA International Mr Jiří Hubač opened the presentation.After that directors of the main collaborating organizations and orchestras - Václav Riedlbauch, director of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Petr Polívka, director of the Prague Symphony Orchestra, Ilja Šmíd, director of the Prague Philharmonia, Jan Simon director of Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, Jarmila Tauerová, director of the Museum of Antonín Dvořák - introduced the individual concerts of the project. The Minister of Culture Pavel Dostál, who has given the project his personal auspices, also pointed out the cultural importance of the project.
The event was accompanied by audiovisual presentation of the individual parts of the project on screen and an extract from a documentary film Deo Gratias.

Preview of a documentary film Deo Gratias
and press conference
28th April 2003

On Monday 28th April 2003 in the Suk Hall of Rudolfinum, Prague, a preview of the documentary Deo Gratias was held as a part of the project Tribute to Antonín Dvořák 2004. Jiří Hubač the author of the project and director of BVA International, which has been preparing the project for the last two years, informed about the progress of the preparations. He also presented the web site of the project, which gives information about all concerts and other events, accompanying exhibitions and the partners of the project. The project has been granted auspices of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Cyril Svoboda and of the Prague Municipality. The media partners are the monthly magazine Xantypa, the daily paper Lidové noviny and Czech Radio. Among the speakers also were Petr Ježek, director of the section of European integration at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Igor Němec, Prague councillor, Josef Havel, the programme director of Czech Radio, and Václav Riedlbauch, director of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra.
Information about the exhibitions which will be part of the Tribute to Antonín Dvořák was given by Jarmila Tauerová, director of the Museum of Antonín Dvořák. The exhibition "From the Spiritual Works of Antonín Dvořák" will be held under the patronage of the Archbishop of Prague and the Primate of Czech Cardinal Miloslav Vlk. This exhibition will be organized by the Municipal House. Its director František Laudát informed about the process of preparations and the restoration of the autographs of the Requiem, St. Ludmila and Te Deum. Tribute to Antonín Dvořák 2004 has been included in the project Czech Music 2004, which is organized by the Ministry of Culture. It was introduced in short by Lenka DohnalováDohnalová of the Information and Coordination Centre of the project. Then followed the preview of the new documentary film Deo Gratias, made by Martin Suchánek, director, Richard Špůr, director of photography, Marek Opatrný, editor and Jiří Hubač, producer.
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