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The International Dvořák Society

was established in 1999 by Radoslav Kvapil. It aims at supporting all activities related to the name of Antonín Dvořák and his school both at home and abroad.

The society initiates significant events held on the occasion of important anniversaries:

- in 2000 it organized a cycle of concerts "Dvořák and His Prague" within the project Prague 2000 the European City of Culture.

- Since 2001 it has been preparing the Dvořák anniversary in 2004. It initiated the founding of a honorary board for the celebrations which is chaired by Petr Pithart, it has initiated the project "Dvořák and Religious Music" which should involve a wide range of Churches both at home and abroad, especially in Germany. The society has also initiated a number of events related to the Dvořák anniversary in the United States.

- The society is one of the partners of the project Tribute to Antonín Dvořák 2004 (organized by BVA).

The activities of The International Dvořák Society are prepared in co-operation with many outstanding Czech and international personalities. When looking for such personalities the Society closely co-operates with the Society for Science and Art.
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